Dressed-Up Dregs

(Written for Mad Kane’s “dating” prompt)

Dressed-Up Dregs –
Limericks Abnormal on a Springtime Formal

Deep in the pit of the pail,
She answered a fathomless wail.
She needed a date,
Refusing to wait,
And that’s where her dreams did derail.

Her best friend had chosen a gown.
The calendar reached its countdown.
So, left home alone,
She picked up the phone
And offered to go with some clown.

Her escort to prom was a cad,
A truly despicable lad.
Despite his fine suit,
She gave him the boot
And danced with a sweet undergrad.

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  1. I like it. A story indeed...but many can relate, I'll venture to predict.

  2. That was a lot of fun! Thanks for participating in my latest poetry prompt!

  3. I enjoyed those very much - especailly the last limerick.

  4. What a delightful set of linked limericks!

  5. Loved the linked set of limericks.

  6. OK. So this is my life's story...