Taking Umbrage

Taking Umbrage

A puddle from poison pen beckoned;
A promise once broken was reckoned.
And under the laws,
The umbrella clause,
Determined their fate in a second.

The cad claimed he felt much remorse,
The judge decreed no-fault divorce.
And that shady fella,
Just like the umbrella,
His pre-nup held water, of course.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Here's this week's entry for Simply Snickers ’ prompt (“under,” “umbrella,” “puddle,” and “promise).

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  1. lol...very nice. I like the pre-nup you added at the end.

  2. Hi Linda Ann,

    Thanks for visiting Four Mugs and a Crock, four Canadians and a Crock from North Carolina.

    Your poetry challenges produce pieces of art and seem to me to be honest-to-goodness pieces of hard work too.

    At a writer's conference this morning, after hearing a few speakers preceding me to the podium share their poetry, I switched gears, put my published columns away and read publicly, for the first time ever, one of my pieces of free verse and a rhyming song that seemed to fit right in.

    I'll return with a verse or two at another date.

    GH, also @ It Strikes Me Funny

  3. Love the rollicking fun in this one!


  4. your poetry is amazing. i am in awe of how much writing you i've tried to visit the many sites you have and ALL the writing you have seems absolutely ENDLESS!!

    PS I think you forgot to add me to your blogroll on Simply Snickers:( I go by "MoodsandMetaphors"