Time Out

Time Out
La Petite Reveuse
By Jean-Francois Gilles Colson
18th Century

The Poser

Without a murmur, if you please,
The artist’s palette she’ll appease.

To read the most creative mind,
The child may reflect mankind.

Will we regard, respect or tease?
Or simply utter: “Sit. Say cheese”?

Posted for a variety of prompts:
Easy Street Prompts (“say cheese”)
Meme Express (Sunday Invitation to Simply Snickers)
One Single Impression (“murmur”)
Simply Snickers (“read,” “reflect” and “regard”)

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  1. Nice Linda – thank you for sharing this…
    Image & Verse

  2. The poem goes so well with the picture. Nice.

  3. How very well your verse fit the did make me smile:)

  4. I couldn't sit still that long.

  5. you'd have to put a lot of "E's" in "cheese" for that portrait.

  6. Loved your clever take...great read! :~)

  7. 'reflect mankind' - she does appear to be doing just that. Nice!

  8. Beautiful picture, and I love what you're saying, too!

  9. Beautiful poem to accompany this painting. I enjoyed my visit here Linda. Take care : )

  10. I would sit for good brie. But this girl has more patience and depth.