Underpaid Daredevil

Underpaid Daredevil

and other Limericks

Dot on the Spot

An underpaid daredevil, Dot,

From cannons afire, she was shot.

Her helmet, she’d clip

For aerial trip,

Until she forgot on the spot.

She climbed in the barrel that night,

Prepared for her regular flight.

The fuse, it was lit,

She cared not a whit,

Not knowing the end was in sight.

The crowds were amazed at the show,

Amused to see angels below.

On heavenly wing,

Dear Dot still may swing.

The ringleader claims it is so.

On the Bluff

There once was an agent quite tough,

Till this writer called his big bluff.

She turned on her heel

To catch a new deal –

And turned him to marshmallow fluff.


Dear spammers, I wish you’d take heed,

My mailbox, it bulges indeed.

Your offers and spiels

And uncanny deals

Reveal never value, but greed.

Posted for a variety of prompts:

Easy Street Prompts (“underpaid daredevil”)

Mad Kane (“There once was an agent, quite tough” or “Dear spammers, I wish you’d take heed”)

Simply Snickers (“amazed,” “amused” and “angel/angle”)

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  1. Just popping by, have fun, love you XXX Linda :-)

  2. What an adorable site. I like comedic poetry like this. (I found you from your comment on JoJo's posts.) I may be back to visit again soon.

  3. Limericks always make me smile. Very well written; quite clever, indeed. Thanks for the joy!!!