Healing from Reeling

Posted for a Friday Flash-55 prompt (“Oxymoron” – containing exactly 55 words), a Poefusion prompt (“doctor,” “roll of film,” “secret,” “stairwell” and “telephone”), a Weekend Wordsmith prompt “It didn’t happen”) and a Writer’s Island prompt (“curiosity”)

Healing from Reeling

The stairwell telephone, it rang
With curiosity.
In secret shock, I quickly sprang,
Answering warily.

The doctor’s voice surprised me then
“The roll of film shows signs
Mysterious, unknown to men
In brainwaves and designs.”

“It didn’t happen,” I replied.
“Excepting within dreams.
For if it did, I must’ve died,
Life isn’t as it seems.”

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  1. wow... excellent combo of the prompts!!...

  2. Clever mix of images. There is a sense of a serious, fragile moment melting into a bit of fun.

  3. Good job! There are so many places this could go...fine work getting all the prompts together!!

  4. great work. life never seems to go in the direction we want it to. but, we make the best of it when we can. thanks for sharing. have a nice weekend.

  5. Excellent Job!!!!
    Makes you think, and it's a lot of fun!!
    Thanks for visiting and giving me a heads up...
    Please play again next week, You are a very talented Lady...G

  6. Excellent combination of memes. It all came together quite well, didn't it? Meanwhile, I hope that everything is okay... Fiction?


  7. Great way to combine prompts. It turned out seamless. Love your work.

  8. seamless is the key word here.. i am, i must admit, disappointed in your inability to include no more than five,, count them,, five prompts in this delightful verse.....LOL

    what a feat!

  9. Amazing job, how do you do it? :D