As I Discover

Posted for a Simply Snickers prompt on “day” and “discover.”

As I Discover
(A Miltonian Sonnet)
The Giver of light banishes all fear.

“This is the message
we have heard from Him

and declare to you:
God is light;
in Him there is no darkness at all.”
(1 John 1:5, NIV)

As I discover how the day is done,
The sun gone past, so long before its time,
Its counterpart, which comes in dark to shine
Appears not glowing, though the light has gone
To answer to its call and hasten on
The time to come, awaiting still a sigh.
"Can day return, unless the stars align?"
I wonder then, yet courage shed upon
My fear, soon answers, "Lord your God needs not
Sunlight or moonlight guiding Him; ye still
Living in fear, ye darken most; His Son
Is brighter. Starbeams in His Name are caught
And 'lumine life's creation at His will.
Ye cannot hide that only turn and run.
c1981 by Linda Ann Nickerson
Top - center: The Transfiguration, by Raphael (c1520).
Above: Milkmaids with Cattle in a Landscape:
The Farm at Laeken,
by Peter Paul Rubens (c1618).
Below - right: Equestrian Portrait
of the Duke of Lerma,

by Peter Paul Rubens (c1603).

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  1. Beautiful!

    "The sun gone past, so long before its time" and "Starbeams in his name" were breathtaking!