In My Father’s Field

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In My Father’s Field

Father, find me in Your field,
Where Your mercies are revealed.
There Your secrets have been sealed
And all hurtings may be healed.

Take my hand and lead me there
In the gently stirring air.
Place Your peace on my despair.
I will follow anywhere.

How I long to do much more,
Any plans You have in store.
Dauntless, driven to the core,
Serving You forevermore.

Touch my eyes and let me see
Visions of Your love for me.
Speak Your truth, and I’ll agree
As You carry me home free.

Plant my feet here on Your sod
In Your presence, duly awed.
Place me in Your promenade,
Glorifying only God.

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  1. Oh Linda, this was beautiful and perfect for Father's Day. God is the greatest father of all!

  2. Linda, this is just delightful.

  3. That's really lovely, Linda. Very heartfelt and reminiscent of the Psalms.

  4. I don't think there are enough nice adjectives to describe it.
    Well Done!

  5. what a beautiful testament --- we see far too little of this in our "me first" world today - bless you!!!

  6. Great post for father's day.

    guiding lights?

  7. You display your idealism well. Have you thought of putting these to music?

  8. Very lovely prayer - or as Granny says - is it a hymn? I can imagine it sung.

  9. Wonderful poem! You are very talented.

  10. I love this poem, it's wonderful. Especially the measure. It flows nicely!

  11. A beautiful poem for Father's Day. Thank you for sharing.

  12. very beautiful. its all our common Father. such an inspiring poem

  13. beautifully written and felt.....