Exit Strategy

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Exit Strategy

I’ll try here to be bold, but brief.
It is a mother’s curse, a beef,
When independence, so unkind,
Does enter in a child’s mind.

The doorway, once securely locked,
May disappear; the child has walked.
The daughter wears a different name
And sets up house, a whole new game.

No time to grab her from the odds
Of monsters and the lesser gods,
A mother prays to heal the rift,
Employing spiritual gift.

A parent’s vision clears at last;
She loves her young iconoclast.
For growing up’s a true affair;
The Lord will take us all from there.

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  1. It is so hard, but also a bit exciting when our children grow up and are ready to leave our nest. It is definitely a Mother's Curse and a Mother's Heartbreak.

  2. what a talented presentation of a life as it cycles and the ripples it makes in the pond of motherhood - very nice post!!!

  3. As a parent, I too know this pain-
    When my child
    -runs against the grain
    Bursting with energy to be free,
    And she's still only three!
    And as bad as this might seem,
    Just wait till she's sixteen!

  4. That's amazingly clever and beautiful too!

  5. managed to fit so many prompts in. :-)

  6. True, tender, excellent. Thanks, Linda. God bless.

  7. Welcome to Scrumptious Sunday! WOW~this poem covers a lot of memes-lol! Way to go! This is a wonderful poem. I am going to send this to my cousin-so fitting!

    I am a little late getting over here~I had a very busy weekend. Feel free to go back to Scrumptious Sunday to visit any late posters that might have posted after you did.

    Impossible Cheeseburger Pie is posted at my place.

    I forgot to post this at Scrumptious Sunday: I will be going out of town (Vacation-woohoo) Sunday, June 6, 2008. I will be back that following Saturday, June 12, 2008. I might be late visiting your post. For new Scrumptious Sunday players: I hope to have a blog friend help with my blog-approving comments in moderation.

    Thank you so much for participating in Scrumptious Sunday!


  8. Linda,
    I didn't think you could do such a beautiful poem with that many prompts. You nailed this! Beautiful job.

  9. Ah, how we love and despise our mothers! You captured this drama well.

  10. I just realized I put the wrong dates for my Vacation-lol! I will be gone Sunday, July 6 - Saturday, July 12. Oopsie!

  11. Interesting way to look at doorway and oh so true.

  12. Thanks for the heads up on Frank Zappa! I posted the wrong dates for my Vacation-oopsie: July 6 - July 12. I like your Meme Express Site! I have it added to my Google Reader.

  13. thank you for a beautiful poem.. i needed to hear that today.. love the painting it is just as beautiful.. seemingly serene...

  14. Hard road to walk sometimes between watching those we love forge their own path and make their own mistakes - and sometimes stunningly right decisions that we can't see as right - without wanting to pull them back and protect them from even the possibility of hurt or harm. Great response to doorways.