Therapy - Finding Accord and Feeling Restored

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No time in the garden is wasted time.
Photo c2006 by Nickers and Ink

Therapy –
Finding Accord and Feeling Restored

My garden is a place of peace,
Where worries stop, and troubles cease.
My roses, lilies, marigolds,
They do exactly as they’re told.

I love to dig out in the soil;
It’s my escape from all turmoil.
My asters, peonies and glads
Are most magnificent comrades.

When days demand my energies,
I hurry home to dungarees;
I grab my trowel and water-can
And focus my attention span.

In moments, life is looking real,
And worries seem like no big deal.
I gladly thank my rainbow’ed flowers
For offering me some tranquil hours.

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  1. I'm an apartment dweller, but I DO love sitting out and enjoying the flowers I planted in the space we have available. It IS very relaxing.

  2. I love that yellow, it's beautiful.

  3. hi, thanks for visiting and adding me. I went in your blog, I hope you will come visit my blog again from time to time. Take care.


  4. A garden is always a place where you can take your worries in, but you have a hard time picking them up again when you leave. Somehow, they become invisible. Thank goodness!

  5. well i wish mine was as obedient as yours... i have no green thumb,, and torture myself year after year attempting a vegetable garden,, that has no desire to cooperate!!!!

    you are a master of the rhyme.....

  6. I'm not a gardener. The only plants that grow at my garden are those who grow in spite of me.

    This was a great poem. It made me smile. Thanks.

    My poem curiosity in life's journey is up at my place:


  7. oh lovely - "tranquil hours" - who doesn't need some of those?! love the way you rhyme. I need to study your style! Sometimes I get caught up in a rut with rhyme and it bugs me - I love the natural flow of yours. :)

  8. Hi. It's "Gussie 1910" from MyBlogLog. Thanks for coming by over there. Your blog is truly lovely!

  9. My garden is one of my therapies, as well. If you haven't looked at all of my garden photos on
    you might be pleasantly surprised (The name of the site is Inspirations & Irritations). I include photos I regularly take of my garden and all the many birds that stop by.

  10. Wow Linda, this is a beautiful poem. So true for gardeners. I remember the peace; and the feeling of accomplishment. I used to be one. I will return to being one I'm sure. Thanks for sharing your creativity. CordieB.

  11. gqardens do bring pieces, my garden is in the form of houseplants, soothing to my mind and spirit.