Nuh-Uh, Zebra

Posted for a variety of prompts: Friday Flash-55, Meme Express (“true or false”) and Rockin’ Chair Writers (“Tell us what’s really on your mind.”).

Nuh-Uh, Zebra –
A Limericked Flash-55 on One Who Colors to Connive

You know, I venture not to gripe,
Except your ever-changing stripe –
Prevaricating without end,
As daily, every truth you bend –
Transforms reality to hype.

A different colored horse are you.
Your utterances ne’er are true.
For black is white, and white is black;
Beginning, you’ve no turning back.
Deceit has tainted our lives blue.

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  1. Well done Linda, this had thought provoking layers.

  2. But if I was white with black or black with white, then you'd still not see me in the night and your wishes would not take flight.

  3. Clever use of the prompts and very nicely written limericks.

  4. That's great, Linda. As others said, it's very creative. And I always love the rhythm of a limerick!

  5. WOW!!!!
    I think this a first as far as 55 topic choices are concerned...
    I LOVE IT!!!!

    This is very cool indeed...Thanks for playing, and please play again.