Disarming - A Metaphor Odd on a Cephalopod

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Metaphors have a way
of holding the most truth in the least space.
-- Orson Scott Card

Disarming -
A Metaphor Odd on a Cephalopod

Only an octopus, reason failing –
Outstretched arms are flinging, flailing,
Over-reaching in outright railing,
Obviously, trouble’s trailing.

Oddly, unaware of cheating,
On-point, yet indifferent, fleeting.
Overpowered toxic treating
On a marriage due defeating.

Oscillating, rock-and-rolling,
On the edge, yet still out trolling,
Ostentatiously extolling
Operating for controlling.

Out too deep, yet plunging, sinking,
Octad tentacles are inking,
Offhandedly, blindly blinking –
Only an octopus, sadly stinking.

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  1. What an interesting post! Thanks for vising my blog and leaving your link.

  2. good use of words in this poem, its fun to read

  3. Oh those addictive O's and that Octopus! This reads very well.

  4. The tempo is great - as you said "rocking and rolling". I love all the "o"'s! I had never thought to start each line with the same letter before - very clever!

    As this is a metaphor - I am reading it for the message. The title says "disarming"... is this about a failing marriage? It makes me sad and want to help - there is no "only an octopus", and the stinking is sooo sad!!!

    I hope it's okay that I ask that - I think this is a fabulous poem! I was just looking for clarity. ;)

  5. Beautiful poem and oh so interesting! You have a way of including so many prompts with your posts-neat! I plan to participate some at Meme Express-but I have been busy and away for awhile! Thanks for joining in at Hump Day Humor!

    Bruce Loves Jenny is at my place!