A Day Trip

A Day Trip
(A Limericked Snort on a Trip Too Short)

I just returned from a vacation,
For a bit of relaxation –
Stepping out
Without a doubt –
Simple brain evacuation.
I drift off, right here at work,
Though the boss is known to lurk –
Nodding off,
No cause to scoff –
If I don’t, I’ll go berserk.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson

(Although I am self-employed, I can still remember those corporate days.)

Posted for prompts from Mad Kane (“vacations”) and Totally Optional Prompts ("trips to foreign lands").

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  1. The title is as cute as the limericks!

  2. Really cute! That's exactly how I felt upon returning to the office after my vacation in May!

  3. That was a great poem.

    Found you through CWO.