Crossroads -
A Rhyming Plea from Urgency

“He leads me beside quiet waters.”
(Psalm 23:2a, NIV)
"’Be still, and know that I am God.’”
(Psalm 46:10:1a. NIV)

I love to speed, get it in gear,
So why are we still standing here?
My engine’s roaring; hear it keen.
God, won’t you send a light that’s green?

I have great plans, Lord. Can’t You see?
You want to come along with me?
Why must I rest and wait so long
To find Your will, when I’m headstrong?

Shall I signal to the right?
I’m holding on with all my might.
I’d love to stomp upon the gas;
My time is slipping though the glass.

All right, I’ll stop and wait for You.
Despite my plans, I have no clue.
Here at the crossroads, in midstream,
Things aren’t always what they seem.

You lead me in a slower pace,
By silent waters, secret space.
My motor roars and longs for more,
But greater things You have in store.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson 

(For a Simply Snickers prompt on “secret” and “silent,” a Monday Mural art prompt, this week’s Poetry Train, and a Read-Write-Poem prompt on “quotable quotes”)
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  1. don't we all want to speed ahead in life?

    I like the ryhming

  2. A clever poem with great rhyme and meter. It seems like this poem would be a good one to share with teen drivers, doesn't it? Especially those who are also exploring Christianity. Why not offer it for publication to a church web site? I think it would soon become a favorite.

  3. Your poem hits home with me strongly as my daughter will be driving very soon. She will be taking her permit test this summer if all goes well. I think Christina has a good idea. You should try out some Church sites and see where your poem ends up. Keep up the good work. Have a nice night.

  4. That was a great poem. Sometimes we all have to slow down to know what we really need to do.

  5. Despite the fact the person wants to go on to do certain things, they stop to listen. A wonderful poem about faith! I love the ryhming as well. Fabulous work.