Just Dessert

Posted for Mad Kane’s prompt on “Just Desserts” and Meme Express' prompt on "candy."

Just Dessert –
A Poetic Force on Our Favorite Course

As children of all ages,
We eat our meals in stages,
We are ever on alert,

Looking for our just dessert.

Eating green peas, carrots, corn,
Waiting with a look forlorn,
Seeking something sweet to follow,
As reluctantly, we swallow.

If I eat what’s on my plate,
Will you bring me something great?
Keep your beans and cauliflower;
Give me chocolate to devour!

Sweet confections, I desire;
My blood sugar may creep higher.
Still, I crave a sticky fix,
Though nutrition contradicts.

The best in life is worth the wait,
Although I just may hesitate,
I’ll eat the vegetables accursed,
Or better yet, bring dessert first!

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  1. i am painfully in love with sweets lately,, and weighting in at 25 lbs over my ideal already i do so wish i could do something to stop the cravings....

    what a a fun poem.. think i'll go indulge myself.....

  2. I lose sweets and boy do those pictures you have about Just deserts make my mouth water. Smile I love the post and I do not have to worry about gaining weight I can eat all kinds of sweets and not gain a pound..Lucky me. Ha ha ha. Say I put up a Meme at and your listed on it as a friend so I do hope you will play along and pick it up and pass it on to your friends. Do stop by. thank you I love your site its fun.

  3. I refuse to believe that sugar is the villain that some people think it is. This is a clever poem. I remember some times when my children were small when they they almost wept because they were so full of healthful foods that there was no room left for dessert.

    I love the rollicking rhythm of this.

  4. Great poem.

    I agree with Granny Smith. Sugar isn't the evilness of the world that it is claimed to be. And honestly, who doesn't eat chocolate for breakfast at 4am on Christmas Morning? *looks around*

    Life is just a beach at my place: