Write On: A Poetic Knock at Writer's Block

(From my poetry archives)

Write On: A Poetic Knock at Writer’s Block 

Writer’s block is
a looming nightmare;
You sit at the terminal,
and you just stare.
But you can prevent this
       from coming your way.
You simply must write
something every day.

A contest or deadline
       will cause you to move,
To look for a topic,
to get in your groove.
Perhaps you will try
a new topic and see
You’re an expert on anything;
        Then you’re home free!

Perhaps you’ll wake up
            in the wee morning hours
And find your veins coursing
with creative powers;
You’ll stumble downstairs
and start typing off steam
Until you have polished
and published your dream.

Just don’t be afraid
 of the dreaded white space.
Fill it up quickly,
with no time to waste.
Once you are rolling,
you’ll change and revise,
As your masterpiece grows,
right in front of your eyes.

You might write a poem,
 a story or song;
Or draft a report,
be it shorter or long.
Just keep those keys tapping,
      and soon you will find
You’ll write like a fiend,
      wholly out of your mind!
c2007 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Pixabay public domain photo

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