Wee Words on Writing

Wee Words on Writing
(posted for the A to Z Challenge)

W is for Words … and Writing.

Wee Words on Writing

Well, I love to write.
I long to write well.
So I wallow in words,
And I wait.
And I watch.
Writing willfully,
Often fitfully.
Working ways with words,
Wrestling with images
Until wonders whirl.
When will I write well?

De Quoi Ecrire
by Hermann Fenner-Behmer
Early 20th Century
Public Domain – Copyright Expired

What makes writing inviting? When is a reader really reading? "Good writing evolves like a dance, As well-crafted phrasings do prance; With penmanship fine, A skillful design, And meanings beyond the first glance....."

Dear Editor: About that rhyme; I think I need a bit more time. It's not a writer's block I face, I'm concepting at warp-speed pace. A hardware glitch has got me beat; I'm squirming in my writing seat.

As a writer, where can you find a brand-new story idea? How can you come up with fresh and unexplored subjects? Here are several steps you can take to open up possibilities and perhaps spawn new creative thinking.

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  1. "W" already? Seriously?

    Well, if you're waiting to write well, when will one wearing my writing wannabe wraps wind up weaving a worthy w-article? (See what I mean?)