A Tricky Tag for Training

A Tricky Tag for Training
(posted for the A to Z Challenge and a limerick-off for Mad Kane Humor)

T is for Tricky Tag.

A Tricky Tag for Training

A dog with a very long name
Was called many times, never came.
His owner would shout,
But doggy, no doubt,
Could hardly be tagged with the blame.

A much briefer moniker might
Bring simpler training to light.
For Fido or Spot
May not be forgot,
Though Willy Kazowee brings flight.

Woman with Dog
Public Domain Clip-Art
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  1. Fun one! Thanks so much for participating in my latest Limerick-Off!

  2. Did you find yourself wishing "simpler" had three syllables, as in "sim-pi-ler"?

  3. I enjoy your limericks. They bring a smile to my face. Please find my A-Z Challenge here: