His Perfect Passion

(Upon request for Sunday Scribblings.) 

His Perfect Passion -
A Rhyming "Whoa" on Love Let Go

"Real cowboys never run. They just ride away."
Traditional Cowboy Proverb

In the ring, the lightning flashed,
As humankind and nature clashed.
His style was rugged, free of fashion;
Peril was his perfect passion.

With fiercest fight, he held on tight;
The mount beneath him took to flight.
He met the ride, a-rolling, crashin' -
Peril was his perfect passion.

She loved him once, but didn't dare
Determine if he'd cause to care.
His heart was held with roped-in ration;
Peril was his perfect passion.

She eyed him often, cutting loose,
Aware they'd come to no good use.
He had no room for kind compassion;
Peril was his perfect passion.

Still, in her dreams, the cowboy rode,
And in her soul, his ember glowed.
But as she'd wake, her heart a-thrashin',
Peril was his perfect passion.

At last, her heart was broken, tamed,
And then her surname changed, reclaimed.
To see the match, his face was ashen,
But peril was his perfect passion.
Copyrighted by Linda Ann Nickerson

A Bad Hoss
by Charles Marion Russell
Library of Congress/public domain


  1. Absolutely love this perilous passion poem! Wonderful!

  2. I LOVE the coffee poem you wrote! It's great!!! Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog! Come back any time....

  3. what an interesting post. My kids are all into the cowboy thing since we moved to a farm this past year! i'll have to print it off to read to them!

    Thanks so much for visiting the pms club!