Walk With Me

(Written upon request of Mad Kane's "walking" prompt.)

Walk With Me

(A Haiku for You)

Let’s walk together;
Stroll by my side at midnight,
No one else around.

Whisper secrets here;
I will never tell a soul,
Except my own heart.

The moon lights our way,
Walking on the empty lane.
What could be better?

"Starry Night Over the Rhone,"
by Vincent Van Gogh (c1888)

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  1. Lovely haiku! Thanks so much for participating in my prompts once again.

    By the way, in this post and in the previous limerick post, you're linking to last week's "time" prompt instead of the current "walking prompt." The prompt link should be: Pedestrian Poems.

  2. all lovely and the accompanying van gogh stellar... thanks for participating....

  3. romantic and the van gogh painting a perfect choice for your haiku

  4. thanks for visiting my blog. You asked how to alter the comments field so it says something different. If you go to the layout area of blogger where you get the Add and Arrange Page Elements then click on the Blog Posts square, then you will come up with a dialogue box where you can change things like date format and label for the comments field etc. I hope this makes sense....

  5. it is a beautiful haiku... and reminds me of something we've all experienced.. i had forgotten until i read your ku and it reminded me of a very beautiful memory... thank you