The Magic Button

For Blog Talkers: Push the Button

If you could have a magic red button on your desk or in your home, that did one thing when you pressed it, what would you want that one thing to be? (Be specific - tell us what you want and WHY you want it).

The Magic Button

If I had a button with power sublime,
I think I would push on it every time
To summon reminders that life here is brief,
And maybe we could use some comic relief.

This little device might alert us to stress
And beep till we chill out a bit, more or less.
Too seriously do we all tend to take
Our own daily lives, till our bodies do ache.

A little red button is all we might need,
If this offered worry relief, guaranteed –
No sweet silver bullet, prescription or power,
If we’d simply press on it, every hour.

But all of our worries and our anxious frets
Do little to banish our dangers or threats.
And no magic button can lift our despair.
The answer is simple: It’s Heaven-bound prayer.

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