Don't Smile at Me That Way

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OK, I admit it. Some of these prompts are a bit of a stretch here . . . but so was the elastic on the . . . well, you’ll see what I mean . . . .

Don’t Smile at Me That Way
(A Rhyming Spin on the Inverted Grin)

We went out to the county fair,
And everyone in town was there.
The ferris wheel, the rides that scare,
And junk-food hawkers everywhere.

But nothing there could quite torment
Or frighten me to the extent
As what I saw and did lament,
When we passed by the bingo tent.

Alas, here is my tale of woe:
The folks were seated in a row,
And each one seemed to say, "Hello,"
With smiles that came from down below.

We strolled along behind their bench,
And it was not the livestock stench
That made my stomach muscles clench,
But all those butts along that bench.

I think I am a friendly sort,
And possibly, a real good sport,
But this just made my guts contort
To see so many glutes distort.

I wanted to shout, "Hoist those pants!"
To give my lunch a fighting chance,
Or maybe, "How 'bout underpants?"
But couldn't take a second glance.

We hurried to another space,
Potato sack or pony race,
Or just to find a happy face
Who'd wear a smile in the right place!

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  1. OMGoodness-this is hilarious! Love it!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Double-Decker Bus


  2. I'll think of this (and smile) next time someone says 'he/she was all smiles'

  3. That's cute!
    I've been quickly perusing all your blogs listed in your profile pages. Amazing work you do. [that "C" is for cute colt is just to CUTE!]

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday for my T-13/Thursday blog. We had storms here, and in turn our computer was unplugged all day so I didn't get a chance to get any visiting done.

    Have a terrific weekend!!

  4. Oh, too funny! A real chuckle and then some!

  5. This was so clever. I am always knocked out by your poetry!

    Thanks for dropping by my place and always leaving such encouraging comments.


  6. very cool poems. Must take you a while to do them. very creative though, good for you :)

    thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment