My Little Valentines

My Little Valentines

A Valentine’s Day Riddle –

Two Valentines sit on my shelves,
Penned not by gremlins, nor by elves.
Still, Cupid’s arrow struck my heart
With smiles from these two, miles apart.

No tiny feat, each little one
Arrives to share a book or fun.
Such simple pleasures find us there,
Together in my rocking chair.

With cadence measured in a wink,
And penned with dark forever ink,
No misdirection draws them back,
For we have treasure without lack.

I’m on the job, as I must be,
Despite our vast biology.
For my self-portrait, these are not,
But tears and years, our kinship bought.

These dandy youngsters, small and swift –
Their mothers were a wedding gift.
Their fathers, later on the scene,
Were tall and dark and lank and lean.

Mere ceremonies build not ties,
But generations – what surprise.
A humble heart resolves to sing,
“Perhaps I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Two Valentines sit on my shelves,
These precious treasures, they themselves.
For we have bonds we chose to build,
Not those by other vows fulfilled.

I wonder: Can you guess the rhyme?
Who are these two of which I chime?
In case you’re stuck, I’ll offer links
To clear the mystery, hijinks.

Photos c2009 by Nickers and Ink. 
All rights reserved.

Posted in response to these writing prompts:
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Pumping Your Muse (“simple pleasures”)
Three Word Wednesday (“cadence,” “humble” and “resolve”)
Totally Optional Prompts (“ceremonies”)
Writer’s Island (“If I could change one thing …”)
Photo/s posted in response to these photo prompts:
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  1. This is so cool! Darling kiddos, too!

  2. Nice job. I too like the kid's pictures. I don't know how you use all those prompts every time but, you certainly do it well. Have a nice night.

  3. My head exploded when I thought of trying to satisfy all those prompts in one swell foop. Fell swoop. Holy smokes.

    Oh, and cute rhyme with a perfectly apropos use of all the prompts. Lovely.

  4. That was great. Always cool how you incorporate so many prompts!