Illogical Ideals and Suppositions of the Seasons

Illogical Ideals and Suppositions of the Seasons

Photo c2009 by Nickers and Ink. All rights reserved.

Winter’s Last Laugh –
Who’s in Charge Here?

The Joker weaves a world of white,
Though winter’s storming out-a-sight.
How marvelous the Maker’s eye,
As smoke-like flurries mystify.
With jumbled joy, ‘mid our complaints,
We watch, as the Creator paints.

Frustrations mounting, hear Him call.
The greatest Humorist of all.
We shovel, pondering the scoop.
It’s time for snow to fly the coop.
c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Posted for a variety of prompts:
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  1. My sentiments exactly Linda!!
    Excellent 55 My Dear!!
    And late is OK with me....
    Thanks for visiting, thanks for playing, and have a Great Week...G

  2. Lighthearted fun observations - the perfect relief for shoveling in March/April!

  3. I came over via Jan's SOOC. So much snow in that shot. I'm so glad most of ours is gone now!

  4. I had so many white blooms flying in the air from my Bradford Pear trees that it looked as if it was snowing.

  5. Very well written poem. Mirrors the photo nicely.

    You have a lot going on and I commend you.

    I will try to follow some of your groups like the memes and poetry.

    By the way, thanks for visiting my page today!

  6. You'd think there might be a limit to how much snow could fall, but it appears to go on and on and on. Excellent.

  7. Delightful! My snow has finally almost flown the coop here but Spring has yet to manifest. Wonderful poem.

  8. This was great..very enjoyable and bright-

  9. hi linda... that is beautiful... and it is still snowing....