Acrostic Adventures

Acrostic Adventures

Posted in response to prompts from Acrostic Only. (Nickers and Ink has been honored with a handful of First Place awards and several Honorable Mentions from Acrostic Only, as well as the July 2009 Acrostic Poet of the Month award. You can find these awards in the sidebar at Nickers and Ink.)


Winsome words

Rarely recall requirements.

Instead, inspiration

Tangles with truth,

Inciting introspection.

Never negate

Great glimpses engaged.


Overlooking the obvious,

Baiting the curious,

Tremulous theories are tested.

Unless one is included.

Stories may be spelled, but

Everyone else escapes esoteric understanding.


Bounteous banquet,

Awash in color

Needs no menu.

Quintessential quest


Every appetite is

Tested by treats.

Moonlight Melodies

Marvelous musings

Overtake us

On such glorious


Lovely lighting

Interprets the world in

Glinting glory.

How we stare at the starry span.

Tonight is filled with promise.

Moonlight melodies mark the sky,

Embracing every ear in

Long-lost lore.

Only optimistic stories

Dare be told.

Into each heart

Evening spills its

Sweet song.

Back to Square One

Biding time,

After achievement –

Can crusaders

Kill creativity?

Try triumph

On for size.

Suddenly, conquests


Unseen underlings


Ready or not, all is


Only, if only,

Necessity had knocked.

Everything begins again.


Biting banshees

Always attack


Shark-like, they

Hover to

Eat the innocent with

Evil enjoyment.

Writer’s Choice


Glamour and glitz

Are accentuated,

Pitching paparazzi

Into interaction.

No one knows why

Gossip is glorified.

Niagara Falls

Nature is numbing.

Into the foam of

Astounding aqua,

Great gusts tumble.

Amazed onlookers

Roar in appreciation.

Ah, what wonder.

Falling is easy,

Although an eddy may

Leave us whirling.

Look up and

See the source of each splash.

Back Seat Driver

Belted-in bellower,

Always alarmed,

Cries for control.

Kids are comical.

Stop right there.

Eateries everywhere.

Attention-getting alerts

Tempt tiny taste buds.

Don’t drive by.

Remember you promised

I’d have a snack?

Values are vital,

Even for parents.

Ruling from the child seat?




Takes time.



Hope is



It seems


After all, we

Live for love.

War and Peace

Winning and losing

Are all about

Rebellion and rights.


Needs a







As Good as It Gets

Anyone can


Greatest gifts

Outdo all


Don’t they?

Anyone can


Identity travels not

Two by two.

Go grab life.

Enjoy enthusiastically.

Today awaits each

Single soul.

What a Wonderful World

Why whine?

Holy heartache.

All around us,

Truth tolls.


What wonders –

Only observe.

Needless nagging

Drags us down.

Eternity echoes

Resounding rolls of

Fabulosity and favor,

Under an umbrella of

Love that lasts.

Watch and wait.

Overcomers’ outlook

Revives the rest.

Look, He comes,

Dancing on the dawn.

Posted for a variety of prompts:

Acrostic Only (for July 25th prompts)

Easy Street Prompts (“two by two,” “winning and losing,” “postwar establishment)

Meme Express (shark)

Simply Snickers (“scene”/”seen,” “span” and “stare”/”stair”)

Three Word Wednesday (“accentuate,” “glamour” and “pitch”)

Totally Optional Prompts (“color”)

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  1. Writing – How true, anyone can write and that was the reason why I used this as a prompt, but a poet creates!

    Obtuse – Ha! I love the last line of this one … “everyone else escapes esoteric understanding”.

    Banquet – Love to be invited as I am hungry!

    Moonlight Melodies – Oh I so love this one, as I do embrace the night during a full moon, it’s so very beautiful, and I am so inspired by the stars and the quietness.

    Back to Square One – I had to smile here, because this one truly speaks to back to square one.

    Banshee – This is it! You nailed it here … it’s an old country story about the Banshee coming for the dead or dying, but no one seem to get it like you did.

    Writer’s Choice (Gaping) – You know you make a lot of sense here. Why is it? Also why do folks like to see so much violence? It’s beyond my understanding.

    Niagara Falls – I have always desired to visit this place, it’s so awe inspiring, and the wonders of what God can do with His toys.

    Back Seat Driver – Back seat drivers make me nervous. I have a rule, if I am the driver everyone else is the passenger with no rights where it comes to my driving!

    Metaphysical – This is by far one of my favorite subject, as it can never truly be explained, but like the Bible one can expound on its many contradictions.

    War and Peace – Wars very seldom bring peace. All they bring is poverty and hate.

    As Good as It Gets – Oh my, this was a delight to read. You are so right!

    What a Wonderful World – Oh you ended this series on a most profound and thought provoking note. I love this ending:

    Look, He comes,
    Dancing on the dawn.

    Truly poetic! What a wonderful world! Thank you for taking me on this most wonderful journey and teaching me a little along the way. Don’t know why, but I feel like getting on my knees and giving thanks for just being here!

  2. Linda you are amazing. It takes a great person to share their gifts the way you do. I am so honored to know you. Thank you for you support, this old one is truly blessed.

  3. Hi Linda, talk about the extra mile! You never cease to amaze me!

  4. Wow! A terrific group of reads! A pleasure indeed.

  5. Those are a great great collection of acrostics ...

    Loved the adventure:)

    Absolutely great- can't stop gushing about them, I love acrostics!:)

  6. veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy full of variety :D

    i cant pick and choose now!

    all are great

    View on my way down *3ww*

  7. Amazing collection - I enjoyed each and every one :)