Caveat for Scaredy-Cat

Decisions are difficult, sure.
Distractions may felines allure.
The deepest cat nap
Does end with a snap,
If Scaredy-Cat feels insecure.

While hunting an insect indoors,
He let out his manliest roars.
The bug he did swat,
But nothing he caught,
As She-Dog crept up on all fours.

He batted his paws in dismay,
As if to keep Doggy at bay.
Then shy kitty cat
Dodged both this and that;
Inevitable was the fray.

Perhaps he was down on his luck
Methought him shortchanged of his pluck.
Whatever his lot,
The tabby forgot,
And soon he was running amok.

‘Ere long, peppy pooch tuckered out,
Her antics past reasonable doubt.
Sir Fright took a leap,
Then curled up to sleep,
And rest for a subsequent bout.

This may be a pet tale encore.
It could be a sly metaphor.
Hey, if the fur fits
And mirror admits,
Consider it naught to ignore.

c2016 by Linda Ann Nickerson

NOTE: Unauthorized use in printed materials, online, or in other published arenas is prohibited.

This post incorporates several blog prompts:
Meme Express – luck
One-Minute Writer – decisions
Simply Snickers – antics
St. P Blogging - inevitable
Theme Thursday - insect
Adapted from public domain artwork

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