Fashion Affront – When forth to back are out of whack

Fashion Affront –
When forth to back are out of whack

She simply loves to exercise,
Despite the daunt of watching eyes.
In stretchy styles,
She logs her miles,
To trim her tummy, waist, and thighs.

Occasionally, she’ll face flak;
Denizens of the gym do crack.
Each pant and grunt
May bring affront,
As gossips do their grit unpack.

She shrugs it off as never mind,
By fashion’s forces not confined.
But one day’s dress
Threatened distress
To see her britches’ front behind.

She’d slipped them on while it was dark,
And somehow she had missed the mark.
The emblem clear
Was in the rear.
So onlookers sent up their snark.

She took the mishap all in stride,
And to her workout reapplied.
For she was fit;
No need to snit
And no skin spillage to deride.

Although her pants were in reverse,
She knew, for better or for worse,
True fashion’s fools
Enforce the rules,
While athletes overlook the curse.

What matter is a simple gaffe,
If we but at ourselves can laugh?
c2018 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Adapted from public domain image

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