Sight vs. Might

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Sight vs. Might

Clear eyesight is critical, but vision truly counts for more. What would you do, if you suddenly lost your sight, as I did recently? I thank God daily for my praying friends. My Miracle Status really does depend on shared prayer, as my faithful friends keep my eyes focused where they belong.

Interceding Beats MiSreading –

A Rhymed Conception on Perception

My friends, they open up my eyes

With earnest prayers and groaning sighs –

For even when I cannot pray,

These faithful lampholders ne’er stray.

Beseeching from the Source of Light,

I wrestled with Him through the night.

A foggy fortnight passed me by

With cirrus shadowing one eye.

A sudden shade eclipsed my days,

Attempting to confuse my ways.

I’d blink and stare and stop to see,

But vision still eluded me.

As fear’s own forces raised their swords,

With daggers forged from daunting words,

I sketched a line and stood my ground,

My own lost lens to be refound.

Then, tracing images by heart,

I drew upon a missing part.

For other hands, they held me dear

By interceding through to clear.

True vision rests in mind control,

Perceiving insights of the soul.

Mere repetition, prayer is not,

Not unexpected faith begot.

Pure promises may yet await

For miracles, not yet too late.

No MonSter may exhaust the beam,

For sights may not be all they seem.

Though days and weeks may be a blur,

My faith is focused. I concur.

The Healer’s power will persist.

Lampholders: thanks for the assist.

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  1. Nothing scares me more than blindness!

    Good job using rhyme and keeping the integrity of the poem!

  2. I think I will do my Pay it Forward till June and do another one.....; I will let you know....... thanks for stopping by ! Not by Power or by might but by my spirit saith the Lord...... that is the scripture that came to mind............

    Great poem!

  3. Hey girl....... I am going to take in 5 gals on the Pay it Forward, so if you want to play then count yourself in....... HOWEVER you only need do THREE...........! I will take the whole year to do the five........ It will be fun! Let me know ! You will need to send me your address........ You can go to my blog and send via email and not post on the blog...