All A-flurry

All A-flurry

Photo copyrighted by Nickers and Ink

Playing It Cool

The fairest fillies on the farm

May with the frost take no alarm.

They find it fine –

Design divine -

To laugh at winter’s chilly charm.

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Poem - Unlimited energy, unbound promise and untapped potential, all wrapped up in a young Arabian horse.
By Linda Ann Nickerson

When Mary went to Bethlehem, She rode atop an ass, but then, The trail was arduous and coarse; Perhaps she traveled on a horse.
By Linda Ann Nickerson

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  1. Pretty poem and shot of the fillies.

  2. A very pretty pic & a very cute poem :D

  3. very picturesque. I love horses- this photo is great.

  4. Pretty fillies! :) I like the limirick-style verse.

  5. HI there horse lover!
    That was the seetest poem and shot of the winter horses!
    Thanks for comin' by my place today!