Blowing the Curve

Blowing the Curve

Parents of teens, who are learning to drive, know firsthand the cost of commitment, the price tag of trust and the truth of teachable moments. Sometimes those driving lessons may be quite expensive, as we discovered not long ago.

A simple crunch with a concrete curb can spell a trip to the body shop.

Still, driving lessons are life lessons, and the bridges we cross are inevitable rites of passage for young adults … and their parents. Curiously, many adolescents do seem to experience a metamorphosis into humanity, right around the time when they receive their drivers’ licenses and begin seeking access to the family car.

Squealing Tires and Heart’s Desires

A failure to communicate
May prove prophetic, far too late.
Consuming milestones of fate
And wasting wounds of woe – but wait!

My first young driver grabbed the wheel
With over-anxious teenage zeal.
As passenger, I did appeal
And wondered at the scene surreal.

My pilot’s confidence grew strong
Each journey, as we rode along.
Considering I could be wrong,
I sighed and watched her steer to song.

But vague impression, most absurd –
One frosty moment, it occurred.
Her young hands slipped, and vision blurred.
She crashed, but I said not a word.

I held my speech and fumed within,
But counted blessings, ever thin.
Still grateful, lest what could have been,
I paid the bill to my chagrin.

At last, I saw upon that hour,
As family funds this did devour,
We could not tuck her in a tower.
For parents must equip, empower.

The call may come, armed with a test,
As willful ones watch, unimpressed.
Yet could it be, though youth may jest:
Perhaps, indeed, Mama knows best.

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  1. I found this poem very humorous and surreal as I am currently teachin 3 teenagers in my home how to drive right now. I always knew this day was coming, I just didn't realize how harrowing it could be! :0) I am sure my parents are giggling on the inside!

  2. It boggles my mind how you can connect so many prompts and make it work! This was a very humorous read ... I taught my children to drive by putting them on the freeway and taking a nap, or pretending to. Don't know how they did it, but it worked.

    Wondering if you will be allowing some of your Acrostics to be put in Acrostic Only anthology? If so, today is the deadline for sending in your permission and bio.

    Warmest regards,

  3. Mama does know best. If only the kids can get that. So many kids around here die young in their oversized toys from their parents. Scary.

  4. Rabbit, Rabbit

    Great job capturing this time period.

    In NJ you have to send your kid to a driving school. If not, they have to wait an extra 2 years to drive.

  5. I was once that young driver who crashed a car and was badly injured. When I read the prompt it brought back the memories of that crash and I wrote my poem on the same subject. Glad you are all alright!

  6. Scary stuff that you turned into delicious humor. Amazing number of prompts that you pull together so well!

  7. linda you definitely caught a moment in time so clearly...

  8. been there, done that, bought the fender - twice! Left me chuckling. It IS a milestone that leaves us as parents, awake until they are home and the car is safe in the driveway. Great job on this :)