Lonely at the Line

Lonely at the Line

First Lady
(Essentials Agreed on the One in the Lead)

She prances the paddock, her rivals to stun
And then supercedes them in struts, just for fun.
How curious zen could produce such a one,
Divine meditation, ablaze on the run.

A breathtaking street cry combined to excel
This April Fool’s bombshell, who weaves a strong spell.
Zenyatta’s sonata begins with the bell
And flies to the finish, with field gone pell-mell.

At seventeen-two, she’s a daunting display,
Yet somehow still rhythmic, evoking ballet.
High tail, like a flag, signals others away
To summon all eyes on the grand West Coast bay.

Perhaps it’s a game for the girl who can’t lose.
Could be that there’s magic adhered to her shoes.
And maybe she dances, herself to amuse.
Still wagerers wonder, whom else could they choose?

Two decades of triumphs in just a few years –
The queen will retire; her subjects shed tears.
She’ll beckon for Guinness on calmer frontiers,
While fans wait, enrapt, for her issues’ premieres.

c2010 by Linda Ann Nickerson 

Zenyatta (Street Cry x Vertigineux)
Vertigineux is French for “Breathtaking.”

Posted for a variety of prompts:
One Single Impression (“lonely”)
Sunday Scribblings (“essential”)
Theme Thursday (“game”)

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  1. it's a beautiful poem and i love the also made a nice rhyme on every stanza...:-)

    just that, it's lonely at the top!

  2. Love the poem, love the horse. All must be essential here.

  3. A Beautiful Take On The Topic.Thank You.Happy T.T.

  4. Love this poem, so glad it was shared with me. All hail the Queen!