Blooming or Assuming?

Blooming or Assuming?
Lines Adorned Where Care’s Been Scorned

Her blouse hides a tiny tattoo
Of pansies in yellow and blue –
But under the ink,
The heart, it may shrink,
As green overtakes every hue.

Each warm ray that on her is shed
Brings withering rancor instead.
Her petals may streak
To answer her pique,
As bloom turns to gloom freely said.

Still simpler gardens may call,
Whose blossoms stand regal and tall.
Though petals may wilt,
They transfer no guilt,
But share their glad glory with all.

c2012 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Vintage Pansies

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  1. Such fun, like the flow, really well done. Also any thing to do with rhyme for me is always a fun time, even if just the title of it. It still is surely a hit.