Twinned Chill - A Limericked Band on Sleight of Hand

Two against one are soon undone.

Twinned Chill -
A Limericked Band on Sleight of Hand

Hey, Santa! We’ll leave loose the flue.
It's clear you have much work to do.
Vain mannequins
With painted grins
Pretend to welcome, as they spew.

With “golly,” “gosh,” and bogus glee,
They gallivant affectedly.
A wakeful watch
Their bluff may botch.
Ah, flimflam tactics fool not me.

Illusionists, they aim try
To pull the wool o’er others' eye.
This self-same pair
Are unaware
Deception fails to satisfy.

As unacceptable deceit
And underhanded pulses meet,
This duo aims
And deals their games,
But at their best, they’re bittersweet.

They hang their stockings, make their lists.
They wrap their gifts with flying fists,
And so pretend
To comprehend
What Christmas wonder yet exists.

Each generation must decide
To catch a clue or take the ride.
Bamboozled ones
Stick to their guns,
But truth is for the dignified.
c2016 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:

Mad Kane Humor: “flue,” “flew,” or “flu” (LIMERICK)
Meme Express: “sleight of hand”
One-Liner Wednesday: See subtitle.
Sepia Saturday: Christmas vintage photo/s
Simply Snickers: “gallivant,” “golly,” and “glee”
Six Word Saturday: See subtitle.
Three Word Wednesday: “unacceptable,” “vain,” and “wakeful”

La Vie Parisienne / Les Oiseaux du Bois (1921)
 – vintage/public domain

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  1. Replies
    1. Great poem. How old do children need to be before they realize that Santa is not real?

  2. I'm definitely impressed: responses to seven prompts in one post? Nice job!

  3. How totally clever, clever, clever. "Vain mannequins with painted grins"...
    so good. Merry Christmas! (the only rhyme I can think of you live on one, perhaps?)