Upward Found

More often than not, the most important journeys require a few trips along the way.

Upward Found

At times I wonder what I’ve missed,
For tangles I can’t yet untwist.
I’d like to leave the fight behind,
Rest on cloud nine and clear my mind.
Tranquility still tops my list.

A kid at heart, I’ll keep my kicks.
In open space, I hit the bricks.
A sojourn sweet beneath the sky
May raise my face and lift my eye.
God knows there is no easy fix.

Alas, the path is long and hard.
The way is rocky, steep, and charred.
To trudge the road beneath a load
Does bend the shoulders; pains explode.
And yet the journey’s worth each yard.
c2017 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:

Five-Minute Friday: “slow”
Mad Kane Humor Blog: “list” or “enlist” (LIMERICK)
Meme Express: “on cloud nine”
Simply Snickers: “keep,” “kicks” and “kid”
Thursday Challenge: “open space” (I)
Writer’s Workshop: “fight”

Public domain photo - Pixabay

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