No MiStake

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No MiStake –

A Rhyming Stance ‘Gainst Circumstance

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

2 Corinthians 5:7, KJV)

A flimsy, fleeting spark of fright,

A cluttered cloud of broken sight,

Forbidden climate’s candlelight,

Can scatter truth and doubt incite.

The raging MonSter bares his claws;

He rises up and stomps his paws.

The MyStery, it looms because

The mad beast stands against all laws.

To pilot truth upon its trail,

To foster faith, our Holy Grail,

Emitting diamonds past the pale,

No simple sunny lines prevail.

A mere MiSnomer shakes the ground,

As ruMorS swirl the world around.

The faithful one is honorbound

To wait and watch the Lord astound.

A cup of wonder cannot cure,

Despite the finest connoisseur,

Who proves to be mere amateur.

When danger dares, he’s yet unsure.

The image blurs; we cannot tell.

Is this a promise or farewell?

The MonSters roars, ill to propel,

But hope is whispering, “Do tell.”

Make no MiStake. We make a choice.

Ignore the rumble, loudest voice.

Don’t be deterred by dark decoys.

Your miracle awaits; rejoice.

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  1. I love the rhythm of the rhyme. The words are very profound, as well. BJ

  2. Lots of work to all tht rhyming. Good job!

  3. You're too good to be able to combine all these prompts every week.

  4. A poem that rhymes! What a refreshing change. And what a poenm it is. Loved it.

  5. Very nice. And we often make the choices harder than they really are.