O is for Outdoor Overlook

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“O” is for . . . Outdoor Overlook

(photos c2008 by Nickers and Ink)

Leaving Leaves –

A Limericked Glow on Letting Go

Like hands aflutter, as they fall,

The leaves leave color over all.

As people pause,

They stare, because

The falling leaves hear Maker’s call.

Like candy corn in festive hues,

Their colors lift us from our blues.

We love the sight

In muted light,

Of fragile tumbling corkscrews.

As branches fold their arms to pray,

We stop and marvel each fall day.

The maples pose

And shed their clothes,

To wait for next year’s new array.

The portly oaks release their best,

Which fall and scatter with the rest.

Still, proud they stand,

Survey the land,

And know their faith has stood the test.

For death need not be source of dread,

Nor scary story left unsaid.

A fresher start

Awaits the heart

That welcomes roads unknown ahead.

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  1. A beautiful autumn poem and photos published here for ABC Wednesday letter O.
    Thank you.

    Bear((( )))

  2. what a gorgeous view, & a good limerick too! Nice job.

  3. Love this. (This is "gussie 1910" from MyBlogLog, but I've had trouble accessing that route.) After this posting, I bet you'd love where I'm at. I'm working at an Indian Reservation along the Rio Grande River in New Mexico, and the Cottonwoods are glorious gold for fall. And a few weeks ago we saw incredible red maples on the east side of the Manzano Mountains.

  4. You have gone all OUT to fit into every meme at once. I never manage more than two.

  5. Very nice. Love the picture also!