Pair - o - Dimes

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(On Common Cents and Current Events)

A penny might procure a thought,

If intellect could yet be bought.

And yet, to transform hearts and minds,

We need to change our paradigms.

In many quarters, most intense,

Majority may toss two cents –

Opinions subject to purloin,

Determined by a toss of coin.

Awareness now of simpler times,

When candy bars and tolls cost dimes,

Demands revisitation dear,

For that’s a long way back from here.

Our currency has lost its gold.

Majorities are bought and sold.

We’re turned the corner, past attack.

I think I want my nickel back.

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1 comment:

  1. Clever way to play with currency - I sang this one - it had a little juke box feel to it.

    Dig the last line!