Exchange Grate

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Exchange Grate –

A Limericked Crow on Nation’s Cash Flow

The Wall Street wizards, or so they are called,

Should hop in the pot and themselves feel the scald.

For dragons in lair

May not give a care,

But into hot water they ought to be hauled.

Some say that the war should be blamed for our lot.

While candidates claim, “Wait! An answer we’ve got.”

Through wedding or feud,

This bold attitude,

Feeds poison to public without second thought.

Does stump spell the right to claim easier times,

Ridiculous ideas and bold pantomimes?

No camera-sweet face,

Nor speeches, nor race

Wins voters as well as a couple more dimes.

The polls are deceiving; we’re going berserk.

Economy’s faltering past all guesswork.

Just guess who will pay.

Taxpayers? Hooray.

Perhaps politicians should get back to work.

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  1. Hi, Linda...great job...a fun, fun limerick!

  2. Excellent! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Really enjoyed reading this! Nice one!

  4. So many prompts put together so eloquently. BJ

  5. i do hope the economy will play a part in people's decisions come november...