H Is for Holiness

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“H” Is for Holiness

“ 'Consecrate yourselves,
and be holy,
because I am the Lord your God.’”
(Leviticus 20:7, NIV)

Holier Than Now –
A Poeting Pining for God’s Refining

Why do I ever box You in,
As if to shirk Your discipline,
Although Your oil of healing balm
Might mend, restore and ever calm?

Conflicted in my deepest soul,
I long to let You have control –
To rise above all that I fear,
Press ever closer and revere.

Instead, I swap ideas with fools
Who resurrect all rotten rules.
Perhaps they think me stupid still
And hope to sway me from Your will.

In conversations, just we two,
I fall again in love with You.
Lord, make me evermore desire
To be made holy by Your fire.

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  1. I love this picture. Love the colors too.

  2. Linda, this is very well penned. I felt your need to reach out to God for strength and reassurance. I also felt that nothing could sway you from his word/s. Nice job. Have a nice night.

  3. A beautiful poem. How easy it is to fall away from Him, to cease to listen. And never really for a good reason, either. I am reminded of my days in the seminary. Thank you for bringing that time back to me.

  4. Wonderful, so moving!

    Thanks so much,

  5. Dear Linda,
    What an arresting picture and your poem is so lovely.
    Love the line: "In conversations, just we two/I fall in love again with You."
    Yes, those conversations - often - are what keep us both grounded and passionately in love with Him.
    You have a gift and you are a gift.
    PS: Thanks for your lovely comment on my recent post.

  6. Lovely photo, beautiful "H" submission.

    Thank you