Next Year May Be Here

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Photo by Rick Dikeman. Public Domain - Wikipedia Commons

Next Year May Be Here –

A Rhyming Scope on Chicago Cubs’ Hope

To paraphrase Chicago Cubs great Ernie Banks:

“The Cubs will be great

. . . in 2 – 0 – 0 – 8.”

The North Side is hopping. Next year may be here.

The Cubbies are winning. Hear Wrigleyville cheer.

No fledgling athletics, this blue-striped clan,

They take to the field, and they thrill every fan.

We’re fillin’ the flivver and headin’ to town;

At Will-Call at Wrigley, we’ll lay the farl down.

The fricative jeers will be silenced for good,

As frowzy opponents are trounced in our ‘hood.

Let warning signs fly. Let the bleachers erupt.

Express yourselves, Cubs fans. Let none interrupt.

A Major League pennant is close to your reach.

To victory sweet, we invite and beseech.

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  1. Linda, this is my absolute favorite as I am a Cubs fan. I am rooting for them to make it all the way. You should try to send your poem to them in an e-mail. The announcers might read it for you over the airwaves. Have you been to Wrigley Field? I went a few years back and it was an experience I will not soon forget. I loved Chicago. Nice job. Have a nice day.

  2. Can't wait to share this one with my husband as he's a big fan too.

  3. Great Poem. I have been a Cubs fan since I went to my first game at Wrigley when I was five. Spent the summer of 69 as a bleacher bum, loved every minute. Go CUBS!!!

  4. your poems are always sooo much fun... and mine was not "true to form" for friday five either... i thought it was more important to have fun with those crazy words than to try and create a poetic masterpiece......

  5. Loved this fun poem.
    And how did you know that my son is a huge Cubs fan, having lived in Chicago for ten years, the years he attended The School of The Art Institute of Chicago and following, when he worked at Lula's restaurant.
    Don't even get him started on Chicago - he still misses it sorely!

  6. I can't believe your were able to incorporate so many prompts. My hat is off to you.

  7. Cheery and current right with the season. Such wit.

  8. I don't get baseball but I am impressed with how many prompts you hit on with this post. lol

  9. You always amaze me with the amount of prompts that you service. I like the way you worked the 'invite' into this one.

  10. Nice work! Incredible that you can get those prompts together and present them in such a likeable form! Really enjoyed this!

  11. I don't know much about sports. But I will be hearing alot about Chicago this year. New friend lives there. Maybe I'll pay attention. If you go to mine press play.