Praying, Not Preying

Perhaps we ought not judge,
unless we have walked in another’s shoes.
Praying, Not Preying
(Hiatus Sought from Pious Thought)

The unwed daughter stands her ground,
Seeking strength; may it abound,
As inside,
Swallowed pride,
And her unborn child be found.
Pious pundits stop and stare;
Rubberneckers feign to care.
Gossip starts
Attacking hearts
With rumors flying everywhere.

As her parents rise to fame,
Sound bites seize upon her shame.
Notebooks fill
With ill will,
From a public placing blame.

Can we step away, refrain,
From our dominant domain?
Time to leave
None of us is free from stain.

Ought we not, without delay,
Our charades to throw away?
Though she slipped,
Let’s toss the script.
Perhaps we should not prey, but pray.

(Pictured: Alaska Governor and American VP nominee Sarah Palin
visited US troops in Kuwait in July 2007.)
Photo Public Domain – Courtesy of the U.S. Government
Posted for a variety of prompts:
Inspire Me Thursday (“notebook”)
Matinee Muse (“undying optimism” or “voyeuristic tendencies”)
Meme Express (“Help!”)
Read-Write-Poem (“rubbernecker, gawker or voyeur”)
Simply Snickers (“stair/stare,” “step,” “start,” “stop”)
Three Word Wednesday (“away,” “blame” and “hiatus”)
Totally Optional Prompts (“time to leave”)

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  1. Hard hitting! And I like the tone it has been set into!



  2. Many of us are not interested in attacking Palin's daughter. That does not mean we can't be critical of her abstinence-only position.

    We all have been distracted by non-issues at one time or another and unfortunately, Palin's daughter got caught in the crossfire. The sooner we stop commenting about it, the sooner the media, bloggers et al, will let it go. It will stop when we stop.

  3. Your poem speaks a great truth, none of us is without sin. I am personally all for having the life that grows within her BUT I am a stanch Dem and will fight to the death for a woman's right to choose!
    Politics do not belong ( I feel) in creative writing or poetry. Your poem is very well done and as tami said hard hitting. Yes we should all pray more then prey but then that is the nature of His creation, US
    Well done........


  4. We'll always take some form of criticism for our actions - but remember, it's only opinion.

  5. i wonder where these next few weeks will lead us.