Roll Models?

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As 84,000 attendees and 35 million television viewers watched, Barak Obama, the Democratic candidate, postured last week for a run for the American Presidency. This week, his Republican opponent, John McCain, will make his own pitch.

Although we may be cynical of campaign promises, we continue to watch. Are we wasting our time by watching such spectacles?

What a relief it might be, if voters might be assured that such folks speak the truth! Someday, somewhere, and somehow . . . . the truth may be revealed. In the meantime, here’s a look at role models, who seem to roll-over . . . and over . . . and over . . . and how many American voters will make their choice.

Roll Model?
Limericks Plain on the Big Campaign

Above all, my brothers, do not swear –
not by heaven or by earth
or by anything else.
Let your "Yes" be yes,
and your "No," no.
(James 5:12, NIV)

Candidates flaunt what they’ve got.
Some may have it – others not.
Gender and ethnicity,
Showcased for publicity,
Can the voters still be bought?

Will we let Apprentice lead,
Raising taxes, us to bleed?
We’re enchanted by his talk,
Disregarding his life-walk.
Which is meant to supercede?

What credentials are required
For the highest office hired?
Seasoned pro with newbie Veep
Or vice-versa? We’re in deep!
How will this one be umpired?

I must ask, no tongue-in-cheek:
Who determines winning streak?
Moguls and the docs of spin,
To the nation’s own chagrin?
Why not let the unborn speak?

No mere pay scale do they count;
Still they rate in Heav’n’s amount.
Sound-bite stealers, best take note.
This is how I cast my vote,
Letting life be paramount.

Rolling model, take your stand.
Spill your speeches; make demands.
Your true colors, still they show.
All the world one day will know.
Never mind your sleight-of-hand.

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  1. We have been bombarded with so many illusions of goodness and decency that it is hard to know the genuine article sometimes. Thanks for this.

  2. I remain optimistic. I am idealistic and tainted with cynicism. I hope. And I make no apologies for it. Very much enjoyed reading your post.

  3. I am surprised at the amount of cynicism that's showing-up on American Blogs in connection with your election. Without reading Blogs one gets the impression from TV of a whole country just enjoying the hoop-lah of it all! In Australia we're very cynical about politics all the time, so I feel for the cynics!!

    Mine is a poetry blog. Visit me sometime.

  4. Let's hope the spectacle doesn't prove a tragic farce.