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Paradox –

A Limericked Shred on Seeing Red

We cannot trust a pair-o-docs –

A diagnosis, though it mocks –

When tests reveal

They cannot heal,

It’s time to pray for paradox.

Responsibilities unmet,

Though juggled, still remain a threat.

We twitter still

Against our will

And hope the answer changes yet.

Appointments canceled and deferred,

While we await affirming word,

The promise waits

At Heaven’s gates,

And victory has yet occurred.

In olden times, discoveries

Were heralded on bended knees.

From outset’s call,

Amid the squall,

The faithful would their cares release.

What wonders, worth much more than gold,

We often miss, as we withhold –

Why cling to fate?

Let’s celebrate

To see a miracle unfold.

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  1. Lots of fun to read, and some real wisdom too!

  2. I cannot believe how you put the prompts together in such a 'golden' way. Very, very nice!

  3. You did a great job incorporating all these prompts, I am impressed!

  4. I think our times show us that we must embrace miracles because miracles are embracing us. Change will be, bidden or unbidden. Thanks for sharing this with OSI.

  5. Reads quickly, but fires a quick succession of thoughts at us.

  6. This was fun to read! The humor was great, but so were the sounds.