M Is for . . . Maples and Monuments

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“M” is for . . . Maples and Monuments

Photo c2008 by Nickers and Ink

“… for the joy of the LORD is your strength.”

Nehemiah 8:10b, NIV

The Fall’s Final Flash -

On Maples and Monuments

So maybe it isn’t macabre at all

To treasure the loss of the leaves, as they fall.

A matter of trust,

For tumble they must,

Like ashes to ashes

Or dust to dust –

For delicate dying is autumn’s own call.

The brightest of colors are saved for the last,

We cherish the fanfare, the season’s best blast.

As forests ablaze

Captivate and amaze,

We’re borrowing days

To welcome warm rays.

Alas, by contrast, the performance has passed.

The jaded among us may doubt our delight.

We leap in the leaf piles and nuzzle at night.

Our hope is not lost

By first sign of frost,

Nor dashed to the ground

With branch-breaking sound.

Strategic response invites favor from fright.

Our lives are as leaves, clinging close to a limb,

A whispering whim, and our chances are slim.

Still, be not afraid,

For fear’s a charade.

With wonders displayed,

He comes to our aid.

And though we may fall, we may call upon Him.

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  1. Beautiful maple leaves! Ours are just turning now as well. The view from my front porch lets me watch them change on a daily basis. I invite you to come see my "better" mouse trap. -- Margy

  2. Oh I loved this!!!!

    So maybe it isn’t macabre at all

    To treasure the loss of the leaves, as they fall.

    I never thought of it as macabre at all. I try to forget the fact that as leaves change color it's because they are actually dying. I just enjoy the beauty for what it is. Fall's my favorite time of year, and by extension, it's far, far too short.

    I went for a walk the other day, just to take photos of the leaves. This hasn't been a typical fall for me mood wise, and I wanted to remind myself of all I'm thankful for. Oddly enough, I guess it's ironic that dying leaves make me happy, but...

  3. Very thought provoking.

    I love leaves.

  4. Lovely poetry and maple tree photo!

    Anyway, I am here to tell you how important your comment is. It is so important that it is equal to a dollar donation to feed the hungry! So please don't be shy and leave a comment! Tell your blogging friends to do so too PLEASE! Thank you! We only got until Friday!

  5. A lovely poem - 'For delicate dying is autumn's own call' is a superb image!

  6. beautifully written... the coming fall and the beauty of leaves departing... "..And though we may fall, we may call upon Him...." amen...

  7. Maples are such beautiful trees! Good choice.

  8. Gorgeous colours
    Sorry I am late in visiting but I was away last week and have only just posted my 'M'in time to do this week's on Wednesday

  9. Maples are my favorite in the fall. I loved your poem, it was fun to read and so true. Thanks, I will be back.