"R" is for . . . Remembering

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“R” is for . . . Remembering

"If you think Independence Day

is America's defining holiday,

think again.

Thanksgiving deserves that title,


Tony Snow,

American Journalist

and White House Press Secretary

(1955 - 2008)

To Be a Pilgrim –

A Rhyming Mood on Gratitude

A pilgrim, that’s what I would be,

If I could just let go of me.

A brand-new world, that’s where we’d live,

If gratitude we’d freely give.

Thanksgiving of the truest kind,

With grateful attitude and mind,

Is more than a November day

With turkey feast and football play.

The prototype the Pilgrims set

Is one we ought not to forget –

Humility and courage swelled

As Providence their lives upheld.

Yet we present our feast unsound,

As friends and family gather ‘round.

With floating fear, we raise a glass

To credit limits we’ll surpass.

We hover to inhale the scent,

Embarrassing predicament,

Then fill ourselves with poultry stuffed,

As God’s own goodness is rebuffed.

Afar, the wise man calls us out,

Discarding television’s clout.

Our intellect, he dubs corrupt

This stranger, whom we interrupt.

Will human voices sing again

To praise on high the Son of Man?

On the horizon, He imparts

An invitation to our hearts.

Who wants to be a pilgrim now

Must humbly bend the knee and bow.

Thanksgiving is His just reward.

He only longs to be adored.

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