“S” is for . . . Someday?

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“S” is for . . . Someday?

Scene of the Crime –

Limericks Late on an Endless Wait

Feeling somewhat temperamental,

Seeking benefits for dental –

“Take a number and a seat,”

Now my afternoon’s complete.

Could they rule it accidental?

Fury tempts my hands, I swear.

Maybe I’ll pull out my hair.

Moments stall like frozen cars;

Others stare in numb faux pas,

As I slump in plastic chair.

Finally, fed up to the hilt,

Pent up patience, overspilt,

I peek at the number chart,

Suddenly, a work of art.

Match my ticket, filled with guilt.

Thankful, I approach the desk,

Mugging for a shot grotesque.

“Here’s your I.D. card,” he quips,

As I think, “Do they take tips?”

But I stroll out, statuesque.

Managed health care: go for broke.

Just the wait did stress provoke.

Pent up in a crowded room,

Reeking germs like bad perfume –

That’s the ultimate sick joke.

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  1. Great job! I don't know whether to laugh or cry - maybe some of each. Well done, for sure!

  2. I'm having trouble getting into Simply Snickers!!!! Any advice?

  3. Love some good wordsmithing!

  4. "Reeking germs like bad perfume –

    That’s the ultimate sick joke."

    Great lines!

  5. Very clever. Lots of good imagery. Very real.