More Than Gold

A Glimmer of Grace:

Kyrielles of Blessings' Bells


He welcomes me to an empty chair,

As wings unseen glide with us there.

My drought is drenched with simple prayer.

A glimmer of grace is greater than gold.


Fierce fury flies, and guilt departs,

Along with the accuser’s darts,

I’m rescued by the Prince of hearts.

A glimmer of grace is greater than gold.


The angels whisper, “Free at last.”

My winter’s tale has lost its blast,

For love divine is unsurpassed.

A glimmer of grace is greater than gold.


His mercy leaves no room for doubt.

My darkest memories, cast out.

Lord, make me evermore devout.

A glimmer of grace is greater than gold.


With thankful heart, no longer torn,

I rise to meet the purest morn.

Clothed in His light, may truth adorn.

A glimmer of grace is greater than gold.

c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson


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  1. Oh, that glimmer of grace is Everything! Through it everything is possible.

  2. That's an impressive prompt list which you've done very well with. Wow.

    For some reason, I couldn't open up this page on my computer, have never had this happen before, I am trying to read this in the minimized version, tres strange.

    Hugs, G

  3. Beautiful description of a brush with grace. This might be read as personal but could be all-inclusive too - I like that quality. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful as a hymn, like it could be set to music and sung - lovely!

  5. This is divine! The refrain says it all!

  6. Whew! All those prompts and you not only made sense you made beauty. Well done.

  7. Nice job of using prompts. Lovely work!

  8. This was great! Loved the poem and the sentiment.