Got Holiday Spirit?

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Got Holiday Spirit?

Holiday Check-Out –

Shopping for the Christmas Spirit

Tradition dictates shopping lists

And Christmas cards, sealed with a kiss.

If only faded splendor could

Light meanings yet misunderstood.

My tale of travesty and woe

Began about two weeks ago.

With coupons, discounts to accrue,

I knew what gifts I must pursue.

I grabbed my breakfast in a bag

To make the mall, despite defrag –

Epitome of Advent time,

The denouement: a callous crime.

A stoic Santa held the door,

Donations, coinage to implore.

Frustrated phylums filed by;

He clinked his bucket with a sigh.

I sprinted crowded aisles fast

To load the shopping cart at last,

Then reselected checkout lane

To take advantage of terrain.

Then, all at once, as if by trick,

My cart was bumped by no St. Nick.

A sneering sort of surly sort

Cut in my line, that spoiled sport.

The cashier tugged her tagged smock,

And anxiously, she eyed the clock.

“Convicted killjoy – aisle one,

Anathema to Yuletide fun.”

With Christmas spirit like to flee,

I tried to greet her merrily.

The other customers in line

Were nodding sadly in resign.

At last, I hefted my own sack

And left the shop, no turning back.

I pondered my completed chore,

That left me somehow wanting more.

For what is Christmas, but a time

To recognize the King Divine?

No nasty nincompoop’s display

Will ruin happy holiday.

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  1. did u write tt yourself? It's a rather good creation!

  2. A clever way of incorporating all your many prompts!