By William Smellie
From A Set of Anatomical Tables with Explanations
And an Abridgement of the Practice of Midwifery
Public Domain

Not Quite Apparent –
A Double-Cross on Sudden Loss

A nuanced rivalry perchance,
As dual pulses held their dance –
Afar, maternal longings grew,
Accommodating one, then two.

Each day, one waiting belly swelled,
Portending unplanned babes it held.
‘Cross town, another’s hope was spelled,
Until the call all promise felled.

The clanging jangle soon awoke;
Perhaps it was a reckless joke.
But heartache followed tearful soak,
For in a heartbeat, longings broke.

A lawless counselor most brash
Upset the plan with certain stash.
In desperation, feeble flash,
The twins were split to count his cash.

Soon empty arms and double cribs,
Along with many pairs of bibs
Were folded up, along with fibs
As doppleganging dreams racked ribs.

At last, the cradle had its fill,
Through shooting stars and God’s own will.
Yet mother’s lifelong spirit still
May sprint to conquer old ill will.

For somewhere isolated twins,
Now twenty-something, scratch their chins.
Is something absent deep within,
Or know they not that they once were kins?

Posted for a variety of prompts:
Easy Street Prompts (“nuanced rivalry”)
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Simply Snickers (“shoot,” “sprint,” “still”)
Three Word Wednesday (“heartache,” “jangle” and “reckless”)

Author's Note: 
This is a true story, told through tears, to recount what happened during the final stages of a pregnancy, when an unscrupulous attorney lured a birthmother (with whom we had made an adoption plan) away by promising her profit for separating her twin babies and actually selling them to two different families. Those two children are out there somewhere, probably not ever knowing the other even exists.

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