A Secret Promise Kept

A Secret Promise Kept

Photo copyrighted by Nickers and Ink.

Tucking It in –

A Rhyming Toss on Season’s Loss

The garden, now resigned to frost,

Adapts a dormancy, though tossed.

Spent blooms admit their youth has wrapped,

And stems to coming chill’s adapt.

The climate pirates colors all

To fell all flair for frosty fall.

A vandal violent is he

To conquer beauty heartlessly.

Yet hidden in a secret space,

The promise, silent, sets a pace.

Perhaps a season soon indeed

May one day winter supercede.

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  1. Very beautiful fountain with its simple design...

  2. Wow, A beautiful thought.
    Enjoyed these lines very much
    "Spent blooms admit their youth has wrapped" and the last stanza was simply superb.

  3. This is a wonderful tribute to the season we find ourselves in and the upcoming one as well. Lovely.

  4. Perhaps some day! But to hear that secret, to see it revealed....

  5. I love your poem! Each line reached out and grabbed me...A vandal violent is he
    To conquer beauty heartlessly.
    Very clever!

    Thank you,

    Angie B. Prince