A Poultry Sum

A Poultry Sum

The Two Sisters

By Maurice Denis


“There is no excellent beauty

that hath not some strangeness

in the proportion.”

Sir Francis Bacon

Fowl Play -

A Poultry Sum - No Longer Mum

Thanksgiving Day, her goose was cooked,

Although she served a turkey.

For wagging tongues were quickly hooked

On matters best left murky.

Before the feast of foods began,

A fouler frenzy started.

As clan connected, hand in hand,

They offered grace half-hearted.

Backhanded compliments were served

With every dish she carried.

They simply sat, sneered and observed –

This family she had married.

She knew not how she’d come to cope

With holiday attendance –

But harbored still a hungry hope

To end their codependence.

For years she tuned out petty word

From kinfolk of her mate.

Till finally, she flipped the bird

But not upon a plate.

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